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When I found Dr. Shashoua , I  had already given up, I was so depressed about my issue of having heavy painful  period and one miscarriage after another, all the tests that I did with previous doctors that I seeked  they were negative but deep within me I knew something was wrong , luckily I found the best doctor I could ever dream of. Dr. Shashoua took his time with me, he walked me through the process , he explained the possibilities of me having endometriosis or fibroids I always thought so cause all my symptoms pointed at this issue, I was relieved knowing what was wrong, knowing what to do about it, the day of my surgery was the happiest  day of my life. this doctor took really good care of me, all his staff members are so supportive and caring, and professional five star does not justify how pleased I am with all the care they gave me. Dr. Shashoua even though he is not a female he knows everything about women issues. if there is anyone out there suffering from female issues  or any kind of uro problems please see this doctor, THE BEST IN CHICAGO.
Thank you for giving me my life back.

I became an instant patient of Dr. A Shashoua when I sent him an email, on a lark, when I was facing a complicated fibroid issue due to previous surgeries and scar tissue.  I was facing a hysterectomy.  I was seeking an second opinion regarding the use of the Da Vinci Robot for the hysterectomy and whether or not it would be appropriate for my medical history.  He not only answered my email within hours but made time to see me in his office on short notice.  I already had a date set and kids schedules rearranged.  He made time.

After my consultation, Dr. Shashoua discovered an additional issue regarding the removal of my fibroid and felt the use of the Da Vinci would not be appropriate due to my existing scar tissue.  We came up with a different game plan.  I jokingly asked if he had time to get me in for surgery around the time I was already scheduled with this other doctor (schedules of husband, dad and kids already in place) and he did.

I found Illinois Masonic Hospital to be outstanding.  Having delivered each of my babies in different hospitals and having two hernia repairs in another hospital I had what to compare to.  The staff were extremely attentive and listened to the concerns of the patient.  Thier number one goal was to keep the patient comfortable and that is all a patient facing surgery wants.

During my surgery Dr. Shashoua got a better look at the fibroid and was able to save my uterus.  He called me when in the hospital to check up on me and called me at home the following day.  I had minimal bleeding and pain was controlled well with what he perscribed.

Dr. Shashoua, thank you for your expertise, quiet demeanor and professionalism.  You answered all my questions and never made me to feel embarrassed.  I am so grateful I took a chance on that email to you.

TL, Highland Park, IL

As you are aware, I was quite uncertain about this surgery and mostly AFRAID.  Now, two weeks after surgery, I've never been happier!  I am so appreciative of your encouragement to trust you and your surgical expertise.  Thanks you!

JC, Chicago

My husband and I wanted to send you a deep and profound thank you for the service you gave us.  The care and concern you showed us went above and beyond what we ever could have imagined   You opened your office for us that first Friday, and came between surgeries to speak to us.  You fit us into your busy schedule for subsequent meetings and gave me the Urgent PC care without making a fuss that the insurance wouldn't cover it.  Just as importantly, you gave us all the time we needed to reassure us and explain to us what was going on. 

In addition to the care you showed that you obviously know about, the psychological effects and comfort of finally seeing a doctor who treated us respectfully and competently helped us out so much more than you can probably imagine.  Getting stuck with a medical problem far from home is daunting and scary and we felt very lost and confused until we received your help.  It is people like you that give a good name to doctors and that really make the world a better place.  Thank you so much!  We are genuinely humbled by what you have done for us.

NG, New York

My family and I wanted to thank you for being so kind, caring and positive throughout my treatment, from when you delivered our firstborn, to my latest procedure.  Your outstanding knowledge and wisdome answered our prayers by helping us in having another child.  I can truly say that you are our hero- you helped make our family complete.  The hospital is very lucky to have you as one of their physicians and I'm certain I say this on behalf of many of your other patients as well.  You are an inspiration and have sincereley been a positive light in our lives.  Our children will grow up knowing that you, Dr. Shashoua, have made a significant impact in their lives.  We can't say enough good about you.  The sensitivity and support of your fine staff helped us throughout what was sometimes a difficult time, and we will never forget your kindness.  Please express our appreciation to everyone who has helped me.

AA, Chicago

I am 46 years old and it has been 3 months since my hysterectomy for uterine fibroids performed by Dr. A. Shashoua.  I had four uterine fibroid tumors, two within the uterus and two outside with attachments to the uterus.  The fibroid tumors were very large, with one measuring over 7cm.  I was experiencing heavy bleeding during my periods that progressively worsened over a 3 year time period.  Previously, when I went for my annual examinations with my former gynecologist and reported what I was experiencing, she would simply say "it's probably hormonal", and did not pursue it any further.  Unfortunately, things progressed and I went from annoyance, to dread, to ultimately being terrified of my period.  I was finally sent for further testing when the bleeding became much worse.  It was only after being referred to Dr. Shashoua that I was properly diagnosed and treated.  Fortunately, my condition was able to be treated surgically with a laparoscopic hysterectomy and the assistance of the daVinci robot.  This allowed for very small incisions and a shorter recovery period.  My surgery was performed at Advocate IMMC with a one day stay at the hospital.  My surgery and recovery went very well.  My nursing care was excellent.  Upon release from the hospital, I took a total of only four tablets of the pain medication that was prescribed post-surgically, since I found my pain level was well controlled with Ibuprofen.  I am a podiatrist and I was cleared to return to work after 2 weeks.  I am now participating in all my physical activities without issues, and without having to plan them around my period.  In addition to addressing the heavy bleeding, I no longer experience cramping, bloating, or back pain, and I can void my bladder much easier now.  I cannot find the words to express how truly fortunate and grateful I am having gone through this experience.  Thanks to Dr. Shashoua I have my life back.  I only wish I could have gotten to him sooner.

GN, Suburban Chicago

After many ongoing issues with pelvic pain, I sought a new gynecologist and found Dr. Shashoua.  From the beginning, he and his practice were very supportive of my medical concerns and providing treatment options.  Despite trying noninvasive treatments such as pelvic floor physical therapy, diet changes, and injections, my symptoms persisted.  Intercourse remained painful and my daily life, including extremely painful periods, was affected by my symptoms.  I underwent surgery for a fibroid removal and a vestibulectomy.  This was not a decision that I made lightly as I had hoped for noninvasive solutions but this turned out to be a great decision.  Although the surgical recovery was tough, it was worth the end result.  Having pain free sex again with more regular comfortable periods was a welcome change in my life.  And how could I have known that less than 2 years later, I would have a completely natural delivery of a healthy baby boy with no tearing to the surgical site.  This experience has truly come full circle for me and I would recommend Dr. Shashoua to anyone seeking real answers to pelvic pain or other gynecological concerns. You will find yourself in a progressive and supportive practice that focuses on long-term patient outcomes.  The care that I received under Dr. Shashoua ultimately resulted in my having better quality of life and an amazing positive birth experience.  I am forever grateful.
JM, 2012

Two months ago I woke up one morning in April with a ferocious pain in my side. A CT scan and an ultrasound examination of my pelvic area, found 3 large kidney stones in my right kidney and - a huge benign, fibroid tumor in my uterus it was 12cm & elongated.

The thought of having a big incision and hysterectomy is not something I considered lightly without doing some further research. I searched all there is to know about fibroid tumors, how big, how painful, where they're located, inside, outside on top of, or in between the uterus. During that process, I found that invasive surgery is not necessary for many fibroid tumors up to about 16cm. So I looked for a Gynecological Surgeon in Chicago. I found Dr Abraham Shashoua. I sent him an email and he responded within a couple of hours, so I made an appt to see him within a few days.

He is young enough to be expert in modern medical technology and old enough to have accomplished considerable experience in adopting those technologies with confidence. After two very connected visits with Dr. Shashoua, I had no hesitation in planning the procedure with him, I felt he was absolutely the right person for this procedure.

This beast of a tumor had embedded it self on my colon and had to be extracted before Dr. Shashoua could remove it. Dr. Shashoua sectionalized the tumor and removed it completely.

The end result is that 4 weeks later, there is hardly a mark on my abdominal region, just two tiny scratches and one 2.5cm line that are disappearing day by day. He also went in through my tummy button and you would have no idea that it was touched, it is exactly the same as it was before I had the procedure. I was back to work three weeks later as if nothing had happened.

Dr. Shashoua is not only a brilliant doctor, he tells you his plan, sticks to his plan, improvises when there might be something different in there. There is no fear embedded in the delivery of his prognosis or solution, he just talked about cure and he did this procedure flawlessly. He is also an artist who has mastered his gift.

smb, Chicago
November, 2011

In late 2007, I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids but at the time I did not have any discomfort.  In early 2011, I started to experience very heavy menstrual bleeding, particularly on the first two days of my cycle. I started scheduling activities around my menstruation which was now affecting both my professional and personal life.

At the end of 2011, at the age of 39, I decided to seek medical treatment and scheduled an appointment with my gynaecologist.  The ultrasound during this visit showed that I had multiple fibroids with one as large as a grapefruit. My gynaecologist recommended that I remove the fibroids given my desire to get pregnant and not being near menopausal age.  Unfortunately, my gynaecologist and other doctors in my country do not routinely perform abdominal myomectomies.  This made me very nervous since the one thing that resonated in my mind after researching the various treatment options for fibroids is to select a doctor who has extensive experience with the procedure.  My sister also had numerous fibroids removed and had major complications after her surgery.

I decided to get treatment outside of my country and after doing my research on the web, I narrowed down my search to two doctors one of whom was Dr. Shashoua.  I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Shashoua because he took the time to speak to me briefly about my condition over the phone and his admin staff, in particular, Lisa, was very helpful in answering all my questions, and I am sure I had more than the usual number of questions given that I was coming from another country.

In mid-January, 2012, I met with Dr. Shashoua for a consultation visit in his Chicago office. During that visit I agreed to the procedure he recommended, an abdominal myomectomy. Even though I had travelled quite far, I was prepared to walk out of the office and not agree to do the surgery if Dr. Shashoua did not exhibit confidence in his ability to do the surgery and hence, put me at ease. On the Wednesday of the same week, I had the surgery.  There were no complications and I was astonished when Dr.  Shashoua told me had removed 20 fibroids, the largest measuring 8 cm. I was in the hospital for 2 days and then discharged. The most uncomfortable days were the first four days, but after, I started to feel a lot more comfortable.   At two weeks postop, I went back to Dr. Shashoua who told me the wounds were healing well.  He also requested another visit at three weeks postop since I would be returning to my country a few days after.  The second postop visit showed that I was continuing to heal well.  My first period occurred at four weeks postop and I experienced very mild cramping and most importantly, no heavy bleeding. I returned to work at almost 5 weeks postop, still following doctor's orders closely and avoiding any heavy lifting or strenuous activity.  It is now almost 7 weeks after the surgery and I am feeling fine, I no longer look like I am pregnant and my scar is now starting to fade.

I am extremely pleased with the entire experience and would like to thank Dr. Shashoua and his staff, including the hospital staff, for taking such good care of me. It is still early in 2012, but I am sure this was and will be the best decision I made in 2012. I can't wait to get back to swimming with fishes, rays and turtles.

RC, Belize City, Belize

I am three months post-surgery and THANKS to Dr. Abraham Shashoua, the quality of my life and health has improved tremendously.  After a supracervical hysterectomy and years of hemorrhaging from uterine fibroids, I now have my life back!  From my first visit with Dr. Shashoua through surgery and recovery, I was given the BEST care in the Midwest.  My total recovery was miraculously quick and pain FREE. I HIGHLY recommend  Dr. Shashoua and his staff without any reservations.

LW, Chicago 2/12

I recently had a pre sacral neurectomy to address severe pelvic pain due to endometriosis. Dr. Shashoua was able to reduce my pelvic pain dramatically with the pre sacral neurectomy, so that I could get back to living my life. The difference between how I was feeling before the surgery and now is amazing. The extreme pelvic pain is gone, even leading up to my period, which used to be a debilitating time for me.

I read a lot about pre sacral neurectomy and was concerned about the after effects of removing the nerve sac. I found that there was a lot of information on the internet, but some of it was not factual. One of the concerns regarding pre sacral neurectomy was loss of bladder function or similar after effects, including continued pain with no result from the pre sacral neurectomy. Dr. Shashoua addresses this by doing a test in the pain clinic prior to the surgery by injecting an anesthesia into the sac (called a hypogastric plexus block) to see if the pain in the uterus goes away. Though not completely pleasant, this test allows him to make sure that the pre sacral neurectomy will have the wanted effect of controlling pelvic pain. I was able to find out after my endometrial tissue was biopsied that the tissue included nerves, which was contributing to my pelvic pain. I don't think that I would have been able to be mostly pain free without the pre sacral neurectomy.

After effects that I was warned about included lack of sensation in the bladder and constipation. I recovered within 24 hours and had complete bladder function and mild constipation which was treated with a simple stool softener.

This surgery literally changed my life. I can't tell you what a difference it has made for me. My level of pain was exhausting and regulated me to the couch. Now I am out and about and enjoying life. I am also able to be sexually active again without extreme pelvic pain, which has also greatly increased my quality of life.

I posted this because I was nervous going into the surgery and I wasn't able to find a story like this one to get more information. I am so glad that I didn't let my fears keep me from changing my life.

MG, Chicago

In February 2011, I had my annual physical with my family physician. During our conversation my physician guided the discussion toward my heavy painful periods, fibroids and anemia as she had done for the past four years. Understanding my anxiety regarding any surgery after three c-sections my physician told me that Dr. Shashoua had an excellent reputation and requested that I just get an opinion regarding a hysterectomy. I met with Dr. Shashoua and his staff in March 2011. After the examination, I was surprised to learn that I had Adenomysis, (a condition in which endomentrial tissue, which normally lines the uterus, is present within and grows into the muscular walls of the uterus) and a very large mass in my uterus, which has been the source of my painful heavy periods for the past few years. Dr. Shashoua was straightforward, thoroughly explained all my options, and made me feel extremely comfortable with the process. In addition, the staff was extremely caring, helpful and attentive. I scheduled a laparoscopic hysterectomy for April 15, 2011. After the surgery I only had four small incisions. The pain was a little more than what I had endured during monthly periods. The hospital staff was amazing and I had never experienced that level of care and instruction. Someone was with me every step of the way monitoring my pain levels. Dr. Shashoua was there to answer questions before the surgery and before I went home. I was home the next day after surgery and up and about in approximately four days and by week 3 I felt better than ever. I can't tell you the freedom I feel now after 6 weeks. No more suffering every month, praying not to have an embarrassing accident, planning events around my periods or not going at all fearing lack of control over the situation. Dr. Shashoua was excellent. I can't believe I wasted four years in fear. I would definitely recommend Dr. Shashoua and a laparoscopic hysterectomy for anyone who needs it.

SG, Chicago

I was very frightened last summer when I found I could not walk or sit without experiencing pelvic pain.  I spent two days just laying in bed or on the couch hoping the pain would go away. Some of my symptoms included pelvic heaviness, slow urination, feeling my uterus bulging outside the vagina or alongside the vagina.  After realizing that this pelvic pain was not going to repair itself by resting on the couch I decided I take action.  I searched the internet for a gynecologist experienced with robotic surgery. I liked what I found on Dr. Shashoua's website.  So, I sent an email.  I was very surprised when Dr. Shashoua called me soon after my email was sent.  He explained to me that I had pelvic organ prolapse and offered to have his staff call me to set up an appointment.  I needed Dr. Shashoua's encouragement to help me move forward.

Dr. Shashoua diagnosis included a computerized picture to help me understand what was happening in my pelvic.  The picture showed a vaginal vault prolapse, a bladder prolapse and a kink in my uretha.  Four weeks after my initial appointment I was scheduled for surgery at St. Joseph's hospital.

The surgery included the removal of the uterus and tubes.  I kept my ovaries since there isn't any history of uterine cancer in my family.  A sling was made of mesh to support the bladder.  The uretha was reinforced to prevent incontinence.  A mesh was used to hold the cervix in the correct position.  Besides these repairs Dr. Shashoua removed bad adhesions that developed around my bowels caused by a 40 year old appendectomy.

All of this was done robotically.  Four small incisions in the abdomen plus the belly button were used to hold the tools and cameras.  The procedure is called da Vinci Sacrocolpopexy and Dr. Shashoua is well known in state and out of state for his skill.  During my six weeks of recovery I felt well enough to make two six hour car trips.  Three weeks after surgery I was in a plane flying to Honolulu!  I did check with Dr. Shashoua before each trip to make sure I wasn't undoing all of his careful work.

PA, Evanston

After many years of struggling with heavy periods, I finally took Dr. Shashoua's advise and had the NovaSure procedure done. It was painless, I was able to stay conscious, (a big deal for me), It only took a few minutes and the procedure was done in your office. No more heavy periods. No more periods at all, actually. Thank you for your care and understanding.                                                               DAC-Chicago

I recently had a Davinci Myomectomy done at Illinois Masonic by Dr. Abraham Shashoua. I have had fibroid for the last 2 years and they had become painful to the point where I had to call off work at times! I have gone to different doctors and got several opinions but I was not comfortable to go through surgery. I was scared to death of surgery of any kind. I have heard horror stories about surgery and I was not ready to undertake of what I thought was almost like a death sentence. About four months ago, I had a long talk with my gynecologist Dr. Bicahlo (she is great by the way & bless her heart for referring me to Dr. Shashoua. Four months ago, I made an appointment and met with Dr. Abraham Shashoua. From the time I met Dr. Shashoua, I knew that I was in the right hands. After going through second, third, fourth opinions with different doctors, and after meeting with Dr. Shashoua, I knew that surgery was the right thing to do. I felt comfortable with him and he actually took his time to explain to me my different choices that I had and finally we discussed surgery. It wasn't like; " oh you have fibroids, let's do surgery"! Dr. Shashoua & I discussed in details what the procedure was going to be like, the healing process, what to expect before and after surgery. I mean, it was just a smooth sailing and I felt so comfortable with him. My surgery was done on Sept 22, 2010 and it has been two & half weeks now and I'm still healing at home but the prognosis is GREAT! I feel great, I'm no longer in pain and thanks to Dr. Shashoua, I'm so grateful to him and his team! I can't believe I have lived with painful fibroids for the last two years! I look back now and I'm amazed how I went on for that long, and why I didn't find Dr. Shashoua sooner! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Dr. Shashoua. You are AWESOME!

MN, Chicago

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I was desperately looking for help when I found your web page.I read the stories of every single patient before I scheduled an appointment with Dr Shashoua. I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy in March 2011. Today, I feel like I am 25 years old again. Dr Shashoua - I cannot find the words to express my gratitude. Thank you so much.                                                                                             LZ, Chicago

I found Dr. Shashoua after a series of consultations with other doctors.  He performed my  Da Vinci Myomectomy on February 18, 2011.  In approximately two and 1/2 weeks I was fully recovered and back to my  normal life, better than ever.  Dr. Shashoua and his staff are responsive, professional and in my experience, the BEST at what they do.  If you are considering a myomectomy for any reason, you could not ask for a better medical provider.

                                                                                                              LH, Suburban Chicago



I recently had a 10cm fibroid removed via Davinci myomectomy by Dr. Shashoua.  I was a little apprehensive to drive 3.5 hrs to visit the center for treatment without ever meeting the Doctor but after receiving a personal phone call after my email to I felt reassured.  Afterall, how many doctors actually take the time out of their busy schedule to physically return a phone call these days?  We drove over on a Monday to meet with Dr. Shashoua.  After a thorough exam and detailed conversation about our options, we opted to try the Davinci myomectomy.  I had surgery the next day.  The surgery went great!  I had very little discomfort and the staff at the hospital was superb!  I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Shashoua for a second opinion even if you have to make a bit of a drive.  Great Doctor and wonderful hospital!  Thank you!                                                                                               

MW Indianapolis, IN

I have been a patient of Dr. Shashoua's for the last several months. I am 33 years and have been suffering from endometriosis and adenomysis since the age of 16. I sought treatment from Dr. Shashoua due to the constant, severe pelvic pain steming from the endometriosis and adenomysis. Prior to seeking Dr. Shashoua's help I had four laparoscopies, excising the endometriosis. Each time it grew back faster and became more painful. I have been on either the pill, the shot, lupron and/or pain meds for the last 15+ years trying to control the pain. Nothing worked. Dr. Shashoua recommended three things. First, another laparascopy to remove the endometrisis. Second, a presacral neurectomy which would remove the nerves to my uterus and finally, the mirena IUD to slow the growth of the endometriosis. At first I was hesitant to agree to the presacral neurectomy, concerned about loss of sensation or other possible side effects. However, I felt like I was out of options. I could not deal with the daily pain any longer. I had the surgery in August of this year. It has been the best decision I have ever made. I wish that I would have met Dr. Shashoua sooner. I am now PAIN FREE and have not experienced any lasting side effects. It is absolutely amazing. Thank you Dr. Shashoua. You have changed my life.                                                                                         AF, Chicago    Learn more about pelvic pain and endometriosis - click here


My name is Elizabeth; I had five fibroids removed on July 2, 2010. I began to have unbearable symptoms from the fibroids in May of this year and that's when I decided to do something about it. I was under the care of a gynecologist for years but she never explained to me how important it was to have the fibroids removed. I never knew that the fibroids would cause fertility problems and other health problems. I found Dr. Shashoua through this website. After speaking with Dr. Shashoua, there was no doubt in my mind about going through with the surgery. After the Da Vinci Robotic Surgery I was able to return to work after two weeks of recovery. It's been seven weeks since the surgery and I'm doing great. I would also like to say that Dr. Shashoua and his staff are great. I'm now looking forward to the future.

EB, Chicago

Dr. Shashoua performed my daVinci hysterectomy on June 22nd and I highly recommend Dr. Shashoua and this procedure. Three weeks after the surgery I was walking, biking, back at work and enjoying life. (Of course, no sex or heavy lifting for several more weeks). I must confess to feeling practically euphoric that I no longer have fibroids, a uterus, or a period at all. I don't want to underestimate the importance of making the decision to have a hysterectomy. I had very large fibroids that were causing severe hemmorrhaging off and on over several years but I resisted a hysterectomy because, although I was certain I did not want children, I was frightened of having an organ removed from my body. Then I ended up in the emergency room getting a four bag blood transfusion and it was there that I met Dr. Shashoua. From the beginning Dr. Shashoua was very open and straightforward, he clarified my situation and presented several options. I gave it some thought and it became clear that what I wanted was a hysterectomy. My husband was included in all of the proceedings and we both felt confident and optimistic heading toward the big day. It didn't hurt that almost every female I encountered throughout the process (some who had dealt with fibroid issues of their own) had nothing but glowing praise for Dr. Shashoua. All throughout my experience from the emergency room encounter to the office visits and then to Advocate IL Masonic to have the surgery I was treated with respect and courtesy and transparency. I won't go so far as to say it was a "fun" experience but it was a time I will remember as the fortunate moment that I decided to take control of my life and to stop the nightmare that living with my fibroids had become. Thank you Dr. Shashoua, from me, my husband, my mom, and the rest of my family and friends who were kind enough to worry about me. And to anyone out there reading this website as I did when I was making my decision - the daVinci hysterectomy was a very manageable experience in every way. Dr. Shashoua is an excellent doctor. My health and my quality of life has improved dramatically.

--SJ, Chicago, Illinois

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Dr. George Shashoua performed a hysterectomy on me on September 17th using the daVinci robot.  My experience has been wonderful. The pain I experienced was minimal and easily controlled with pain medication for mild to moderate pain levels, in fact, I was no longer on pain medication 6 days after surgery, and by the 7th day, I was back to walking 2 miles a day.  The minimally invasive method has left me active and feeling great; my friends and family who have had a hysterectomy using traditional methods are shocked at how well I am feeling so soon after surgery! 

BF, Austin, Texas

It has been a pleasure receiving services from Dr. Shashoua and his team at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center I had the best team. I could not take it anymore due to my fibroids and the gynecologist that I was working with at that time told me that she was not going to deal with them and she put me on birth control in spite of me bleeding and in pain daily. I was looking up fibroid treatment on the internet and found a website for fibroids and email for help I was amazed within 10 minutes Dr. Shashoua called me. I met with him on 04-26-10 he answered all my questions, gave me options and explained everything when I left his office I felt like he was concern about my well-being. I could have gone to any other hospitals because I live in south shore but I chose Illinois Masonic Hospital due to Dr. Shashoua compassion. Dr. Shashoua and his team explained everything to me. I did not have to ask the nurse any questions because all of them was answered. I have worked in medical field for many years and have never seen or heard of a doctor answering all questions.   This is one of Dr. Shashoua strengths.  Dr. Shashoua thank you for helping me, providing excellent care and please continue explaining to all your patients.

TH, Chicago

I have been seeing Dr. G. Shashoua in Austin for about 5 years. He performed my tubal ligation in 2005, an ablation in 2009 and most recently I have had an InterStim implant. I have two raves that I would like to share.

My first is for Dr. Shashoua. When going to an appointment, I do not feel as though I am being rushed in and out of the office.  Dr. Shashoua and the staff at his new office know my name and treat me like a person rather than just a patient.  I feel like I can speak to Dr. Shashoua frankly and can trust he will give me an honest answer to my questions.  I truly feel comfortable and it makes the dreaded annual visit a lot more bearable.

My second rave is the the IterStim implant. I was, on average, going to urinate at least 15 times a day. There were nights where I got up every ten minutes for hours, could not drink tea in a restraunt without a couple of visits to the bathroom and a long car ride was almost impossible.  I tried going on a schedule to retrain my bladder and using medicine to reduce my urges to go, nothing seemed to make much of a difference. After it seemed we had exhausted all other options, Dr. Shashoua suggested that I try the InterStim procedure.  There is not a lot of information from real people on the internet about the InterStim implant , I took a risk on Dr. Shashoua's word and what difference it has made in my life! I walk into work right past the bathroom daily and I sleep through the night. This procedure really worked for me and it is worth investigation for anyone having urinary frequency issues.

Thanks Dr. Shashoua, from an average patient who still dreads her annual but is thankful she chose you.

AB, Austin, Texas

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I wrestled with with the decision of whether or how to treat my growing fibroid tumors for months. The tumors were large, but I didn't have any of the debilitating side effects that I know they can cause. However, because I was 47 when they were diagnosed, I figured they had several more years to continue growing and would eventually start to cause problems.

My long-time gyno recommended a myomectomy using standard surgery. I knew I definitely didn't want to sign up for that! A friend recommended I see Dr. Shashoua for a second opinion, so I made an appointment, even though my own doctor had told me my tumors were too large to remove laproscopically.

Well, my long-time doctor was wrong -- after I got a couple of Lupron injections to shrink the tumors, Dr. Shashoua and his team used the fabulous DaVinci Robot to remove the tumors along with my uterus. (I opted for a hysterectomy, mainly because I didn't want a new set of fibroids to appear.)

The surgery went just fine, though the tumors were stlll quite large and apparently took longer than normal to remove. And my recovery has been a breeze. I had a couple of days where I was uncomfortable, but after that I've felt fine.

My one piece of advice for women considering surgery or other treatments is to do some research and, if possible, talk to other women who have already been through what you're facing. I did a lot of web browsing, and I know there are many, many sites and blogs with women's personal experiences with fibroids, hysterectomies, etc. Some of these can be very negative and inaccurate, so do some due diligence to get REAL information to inform your decision and prepare yourself.

I was lucky enough to have 3 friends who have been through similar/identical procedures, who were willing to tell me EVERYTHING they experienced, from post-surgery pain levels, to facing the "anti-hysterectomy" contingent of women, to their experiences with sex after hysterectomies. It was invaluable to get their perspective as patients and know what to expect in the hospital and in the days following.

As a side note, one of my big fears was side effects from the Lupron. I had heard and read horror stories about mood swings, hot flashes, cramps that were so bad the patients could not continue with the treatment--but I didn't experience any of those. I had only two injections, so I may have dodged a bullet there.

I'm really happy with my decision--from finding a specialist who could perform non-invasive surgery (that's Dr. Shashoua), to opting for a hysterectomy. I'm looking forward to a healthy menopause and a healthy life!

JJ Chicago, Illinois

I am very pleased and thankful that I was referred to Dr. George Shashoua who practices in Austin, Texas.  My surgery was a bladder lift and davinci sacrocolpopexy.  Dr. George Shashoua is a brilliant doctor with great expertise and wisdom in his field.  He is also very caring, kind and compassionate. He is a doctor I genuinely trust and have total confidence in. Everything regarding my surgery and recovery went smoothly and remarkably well.  It was and has been a very positive and successful experience.  I feel absolutely great, thanks to God and Dr. Shashoua.

S. G., Austin, Texas

I have struggled with painful intercourse for most, if not all, of my sexual life. It was always such an excruciating experience that usually ended in tears and I thought it was normal for such a long time. For about 15 years I either couldn't explain the pain or I was quickly told to "make sure and use lots of lube" or "maybe my boyfriend is too big" and to try a different position. A few years ago I was sent to physical therapy which helped with some low back muscle spasms, which now I know were caused from my muscle tension due to the vulvar pain, but it didn't help with the burning sensation I was having with every tampon insertion and intercourse. Nearly 2 years ago I met the love of my life and I was finally comfortable talking about the pain. I wasn't enjoying sex and he wasn't enjoying it knowing I was in pain. I knew this was not how it should be, so after about 12 years of not being taken seriously by so many doctors I went on a search and found Dr. Shashoua. From the minute I walked in the door and told him my story, he whipped me into a frenzy of treatment. He finally put a name to my horrible pain...vulvar vestibulitis. At times I questioned him and wondered if his treatments were too drastic but I now know he was giving other treatments a shot before needing to have the ultimate I had never heard that. I finally had a vulvar vestibulectomy in January. Funny name but it has changed my life. I can't lie, it was an extremely painful recovery but I wish I would have done it sooner. The first time my boyfriend and I had pain-free sex, I cried - happy tears this time. I can't give Dr. Shashoua all the credit, my physical therapist was key in figuring out my diagnosis. Karen was the first person who pinpointed the exact spot from where my pain was originating. I can't thank both Karen and Dr. Shashoua enough. My surgery was a success! My boyfriend is quite thankful as well!

AR, Chicago

I had a long history of very heavy periods,an array of diagnostic testing and one Dr. visit after another. I was told that I had a cervical myoma.  My doctor @ that time recommended Dr.Shashoua as an expert in this field.  I was very anxious about what would happen next.  Dr.Shashoua reassured me that he would do a cervical myomectomy and an endometrial ablation...I thought a what & a what???  I am  an RN so I tend to get very skeptical and am not easily convinced.  Did I mention I'm on Coumadin???  So that just added more to my fears!!!  I held off for as long as I could until Dr.Shashoua looked straight in to my eyes and said "Shirley you need to get this done, you'll be okay, I'll take care of you and keep you safe the day of your procedure. The procedure was done!!!! I got thru it!!!  Dr.Shashoua called me the very next morning & reassured me that everything went well.  That was almost one year ago....I am doing quite well. The cervical myoma is gone and I rarely get a period anymore.I am very grateful to Dr.Shashoua for his BRILLIANCE,EXPERTISE, and HONESTY. I feel like I have a new lease on life and have eased up on unnecessary worries.  I thank Dr.Shashoua for being the "BEST", for his raw honesty, a very friendly office staff and last but certainly not the least perfoming the by far the best papsmears I've ever experienced in 25 plus years!!! THANK YOU doesn't seem enough but "DR.SHASHOUA THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING"

SL, Chicago

In November 2009, I came to Dr. Shashoua after almost 7 months of continual bleeding and pain. I had just had a hysteroscopy at the end of October and my regular OB/GYN could not remove the fibroid tumor they found. She recommended I see Dr. Shashoua and from the moment I met him, it was if I had finally found a Dr. who understood what I was going through and was going to be able to help me!!
We had originally scheduled surgery for the middle of January, but he reassured me if things were to get worse, I could call the office and they would move up the surgery. Sure enough, about a week later the bleeding had started again and the pain worsened. I called Maggie, his assistant, and within 2 days the surgery was scheduled. (His staff couldn't be any better!!! They are terrific, understanding and compassionate.)
On December 15, 2009 I had a myomectomy procedure done to remove a small, but troublesome fibroid. Instead of the traditional laproscopic procedure, Dr. Shashoua did a less invasive hysteroscopy. The surgery was only about an hour and my symptoms had decreased immediately. I had no incisions!! There was a little cramping, but nothing unbearable. The recovery time was about 2 weeks, but I would do it all over again if I had to.
The first month after the surgery was a little rough, but only because my body was still healing and I think the continual bleeding for almost a year had things a little off balance. My first menstrual cycle was VERY heavy, but after I got through that my second one was much better. I'm now on regular birth control and I have absolutely no bleeding and no issues!! I cannot thank Dr. Shashoua and his staff for everything they've done. I feel like I have a normal life again. He's the only one I will ever go to if I should have any more complications in the future!!! 

RD Chicago

In May 2009, I had a Laproscopic Hysterectomy by the Dr. Abraham Shashoua at Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, IL. I am an R.N. so my evaluation would be critical and my expectations were high. My surgery was uneventful and went very well. It was amazing. I experienced minimal pain with no complications. I highly recommend him to all. I am very pleased with my outcome. He is wonderful, capable, and knowledgeable surgeon. It was an honor and a blessing to entrust my health in his hands. I could go on and on but I won't. IN SHORT, HE'S GREAT.

Joyce C., Chicago
I am a 68 year-old former nurse. Six weeks ago Dr. Shashoua gave me a series of vaginal steroid injections for chronic pain which seemed to originate from two previous vaginal wall repairs, eight and five years ago. I have had five years of pain on sitting, and trying to get comfortable at night.
Other doctors were unable to diagnose my problem or give me pain relief. Pelvic physical therapy was not the answer, either.
Dr. Shashoua has given me a new lease on life.

PK, Southwest Suburbs of Chicago

I wanted to let you know that my husband and I are finally pregnant and I am due in January.  I wanted to write a note to thank you for everything you have done for us.  I feel like you are the person that turned everything around for me.  We felt like we were drowning when we first came to you after I was told by another doctor I had to have my tube removed, but thankfully that was not necessary.  Also, thank you to your staff who were always friendly and helpful. Because of what you have done for me, I get to become a mother and I just can't thank you enough for this gift.

LJ, Park Ridge, IL

In February, 2010, I underwent surgery for bladder prolapse.  Dr. Shashoua used the Davinci Robotic for part of the procedure. My hospital stay was only overnight.  There was no pain postop with minimal discomfort for 2 days. My recovery process was very smooth, quick and a return to work within 3 weeks.
I would highly recommend this surgery and Dr. Shashoua.  He answers all questions, e-mails, and provides pictures for those of us who need visuals.

LM, Chicago

I did not expect to have Dr. Shashoua as my doctor when I developed trouble with my fibroids.  I startied to bleed on birth control and didn't know why. I needed a doctor quickly and I called his office. Luckily they put me as a new patient right away.  On my first day of meeting he told me that I had many options.  We discussed these options and I chose to have a hysterectomy.  At first I was hesitant because I thought that it wouldl take a while to recover.  He recommended a laparoscopic hysterectomy.   I am so happy to be one of his patients and he has helped me solve my problem. Surgery went well and I am back to normal.  I was back to work after a month and working out again as if nothing happened.

SMB, Chicago

Dr. Shashoua- Please accept my sincere thank you for the excellent medical advise and care you have shown me over the past few months.   My husband and I felt very comfortable during my full hysterectomy treatment and you staff is truly second to none that I found.  Thank you for everything.

JB  Fenton, Michigan

Dr. Shashoua, Thank you for all of your help and care while I was in the hospital.  I really appreciate you taking the time to check in on me and making sure I was taken care of properly.  I am feeling much better, and I am so thankful to have been treated so wonderfully.  Your care and generosity helped me.  Thank you so much.

EF, Chicago

Dear Dr. Shashoua-  Thank you for taking such good care of our daughter.  My husband and I are forever greateful.  She seems much better!

VF, Chicago

Dr. Shashoua- Thank you so much for your professional care and efforts.  After 10 years of searching, I have found a doctor I can trust and that really cares about me.  This is a big challenge for patients with Interstitial Cystitis.  Words cannot express my deep appreciation.  You believed me and took me seriously.  Hopefully, this has resulted in a much higher quality of life for me and maybe others.

DC, Urbana, IL

I have interstitial cystitis and I have gone through many bladder instillations and other types of treatment. After over a year of treatment Dr. Shashoua finally convinced me to try the interstim. I was relieved to see how much of a difference it has made in my life. I was not getting up to use the bathroom three or four times a night anymore. My bladder pain subsided greatly throughout the day and I was able to do things without having to worry about where the closest bathroom was. I changed the way I ate as well, but I think the interstim made the biggest difference in the treatment for my interstitial cystitis. It has enabled me to live better and without so much bladder pain and with fewer bathroom trips. Dr. Shashoua did an incredible job in providing my treatment and the surgery for the interstim and I'm very happy that he convinced me to try out the first phase of the interstim to see if it worked. Without the interstim I would be living a dull life of unbearable pain and bathroom visits.

CW, Chicago

Thank you so very much for all that you did to make my life and recovery the best it could be. I appreciate that fact that you treated me beyond the hospital - It made the experience a little less painful.

RW, Michigan

Dr. Shashoua performed my endometrial ablation in his office--and it has greatly improved my health.  I no longer have long, painful periods and their associated symptoms. The procedure was quick, and I had maybe two days of soreness afterward.  Dr. Shashoua's and his staff were excellent.                                                                  MF, Chicago


Dr. S- Patients depend on caring physicians such as yourself.  Thank you for your expertise.

RG, Chicago

Dr. Shashoua - Thanks for everything!  I look forward to a brighter future without dealing with all the issues that had been with me for quite awhile.

MC, Chicago

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