Labiaplasty in the News

Labiaplasty in the News

Aesthetic Surgery Journal (2007) Labial Surgery by Yhelda de Alencar Felicio, MD

Deformities of the vaginal labia and pubic area are of
significant concern to patients and represent a growing
area of aesthetic surgery practice. The author discusses
her 17-year experience with "pubisplasty" or "labiaplasty"
techniques. (Aesthetic Surg J 2007;27:322-328)

New York Times (November 28, 2004): The Most Private of Makeovers:

Excerpt: "As millions of women inject Botox, reshape noses, augment breasts, lift buttocks and suck away unwanted fat, a growing number are now exploring a new frontier, genital plastic surgery .." Read More.

New York Times (Movies): Under the Knife, Below the Belt

Excerpt: "The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recently warned that so-called vaginal rejuvenation surgery.." Read More.

New York Times (Movies 2007): Goodnight Vagina

Excerpt: "A woman decides to have some very specific work done in this short comedy satirizing America's obsession with plastic surgery.." Read More.

ABC News (08/31/2007): Intimate Operations: OB-GYN Organization Issues Warning

Excerpt: Dr. Erin Tracy was surprised when a teenage patient came to her gynecological practice to request a surgical procedure.

Shameless (Fall 2005): Making the Cut

Forget boob jobs and Botox. These days, the pressure to be perfect is hitting many women below the belt

British Medical Journal (5/26/2007): Requests for cosmetic genitoplasty: how should healthcare providers respond?

Demand for cosmetic genitoplasty is increasing. Lih Mei Liao and Sarah M Creighton argue that surgery carries risks and that alternative solutions to women's concerns about the appearance of their genitals should be developed

BreitBart (5/24/2008): Top medical journal blasts "designer vagina" craze

One of the world's most prestigious health journals has lashed a fast-growing trend in the United States and Britain for "designer vaginas," the tabloid term for cosmetic surgery to the female genitalia.