Fibroid Pictures - What do fibroids look like?

The Fibroid Treatment Collaborative is dedicated to the comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to the management of uterine fibroids. Experience is the most important factor in determining the success of fibroid surgery. The fact is that your situation is unique and deserves an individualized treatment plan. Located in Chicago, Illinois and Austin, Texas, we are minimally invasive gynecologic surgeons, radiologists, pain specialists, reproductive endocrinologists and physical therapists working in collaboration to plan your treatment. We offer a personal treatment plan that takes into account the patient's personal preferences. Click Here To learn more about our center or here to schedule a consultation.









Supracervical or Partial Hysterectomy 








Uterine Fibroids








I became an instant patient of Dr. A Shashoua when I sent him an email, on a lark, when I was facing a complicated fibroid issue due to previous surgeries and scar tissue.  I was facing a hysterectomy.  I was seeking an second opinion regarding the use of the Da Vinci Robot for the hysterectomy and whether or not it would be appropriate for my medical history.  He not only answered my email within hours but made time to see me in his office on short notice.  I already had a date set and kids schedules rearranged.  He made time.

After my consultation, Dr. Shashoua discovered an additional issue regarding the removal of my fibroid and felt the use of the Da Vinci would not be appropriate due to my existing scar tissue.  We came up with a different game plan.  I jokingly asked if he had time to get me in for surgery around the time I was already scheduled with this other doctor (schedules of husband, dad and kids already in place) and he did.

I found Illinois Masonic Hospital to be outstanding.  Having delivered each of my babies in different hospitals and having two hernia repairs in another hospital I had what to compare to.  The staff were extremely attentive and listened to the concerns of the patient.  Thier number one goal was to keep the patient comfortable and that is all a patient facing surgery wants.

During my surgery Dr. Shashoua got a better look at the fibroid and was able to save my uterus.  He called me when in the hospital to check up on me and called me at home the following day.  I had minimal bleeding and pain was controlled well with what he perscribed.

Dr. Shashoua, thank you for your expertise, quiet demeanor and professionalism.  You answered all my questions and never made me to feel embarrassed.  I am so grateful I took a chance on that email to you.

TL, Highland Park, IL

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Tummy Tuck at time of hysterectomy

Many fibroids removed









Hysterectomy picture with abdominoplasty







Large Fibroid 







Uterine Fibroids 








Enlarged uterus

Surgery for Fibroids





Large fibroid

Multiple small fibroids

Extremely large fibroids removed through small incision

uterine fibroids