Essure - Is it right for me?

Choosing permanent birth control is a significant decision and you should reflect, inform yourself, and discuss it with those closest to you prior to committing to permanent birth control. Once you have explored your options and discussed the procedure in detail with your doctor, you can move forward and have the Essure procedure with confidence.

Essure may be right for you if you:

  • Are certain you do not want any more children
  • Want to stop worrying about unplanned pregnancy
  • Want to stop managing your temporary birth control method
  • Would like to stop taking hormone-based birth control
  • Want to avoid the incision, scarring or risks of other birth control procedures
  • Are concerned about general anesthesia
  • Want more spontaneity in your sexual relationship

You should delay your decision if you:

  • May want to have children in the future
  • Are pregnant or think you might be pregnant
  • Have been pregnant during the past six weeks
  • Have an active or recent pelvic infection
  • Feel pressured by someone else to have the procedure
  • Are going through major life changes, such as a divorce
  • Are managing serious health problems