Bladder Diary

This is a very helpful tool to keep track of your bladder's behavior.  Many urinary issues develop slowly, over time. Many women aren't even aware of how often they are voiding, or how often they make changes to their activities because of fear of leakage, because the problem has been sneaking up on them for so long.  Seeing these things "in writing" can be quite instructive and is also very useful for your doctor. 

At the beginning of treatment, these diaries are helpful in establishing the nature and severity of the problem.  Also, because many times the benefits of treatment may take a long time to become obvious, small changes in bladder diary information can help a woman's provider know whether or not a set of treatments is working.  Keeping this diary for 3 days will allow your physician to better assess your symptoms.

Download a printable diary here:

icon diary.pdf (134 KB)